Proposals for papers

Night view of the University
Night view of the University

Abstracts should be submitted by 15th January 2006, at the latest, to Anna Vidali or Katerina Kranou in electronic form. Your proposal should consist of a covering page with an abstract of no more than one page A4, font size 12, describing the content. The proposals will be blind reviewed by the Scientific Committee and acceptance will be confirmed no later than 2nd February.

Final papers of between 3000-5000 words should be submitted by email by 17th February, as these will be placed on a conference website prior to the conference.

Conference languages

The conference languages are English & French.

Duration of presentations

Duration of oral presentations should be up to: 20 mins (Parallel Sessions), 30 mins (Thematic Symposia) and 45 mins (Plenary Sessions).

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